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Welcome to The Redpath Centre!

The Redpath Centre opened in January 2008 to address the social and emotional needs of children, adolescents and adults with Asperger Syndrome and mental health concerns through best practices, cross-sector collaboration, education and research. Our experienced clinicians bring their knowledge of Asperger Syndrome and related conditions to our work. At the Redpath Centre we:
  • value neuro-diversity and inclusion;
  • promote the provision of ethical and effective clinical practices;
  • encourage research that is relevant to those we support;
  • strive to increase the fit between our clients and their environments; and
  • emphasize interdisciplinary collaboration across service sectors and specialities.

Happy Birthday! We are Growing!

The Redpath Centre is five years old this year. For those clients who attend our Toronto office, you will see that we have expanded our suite on the second floor. This is in response to the large number of inquiries for services we receive, and the new Associates who approach The Redpath Centre asking to practice with us.

Welcome to our Clinical Affiliates: Our Clinical Affiliate program was established this fall. Clinical Affiliates are trusted and respected clinicians who have an ongoing relationship with The Redpath Centre, and extensive experience in the field of Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASDs) and related conditions. They do not usually practice in either of our offices in London or Toronto, but have their own offices in communities across Ontario. Clinical Affiliates are associated with The Redpath Centre by invitation only. We are pleased to recommend them to you: Dr. Karen Baker (Walkerton and London), Ellen Yack (Toronto) and Stephanie Moeser (Peterborough) and Wendy Arscott (Welland).

Redpath Centre Services

For a complete listing of supports that The Redpath Centre provides, please go to our Services page. You are welcome to contact clinicians directly through their emails on each webpage. Please note whether they are taking new clients and if their services, expertise and days available for appointments are right for you.

For questions about the Centre's Counselling Services (including individual, couple or family therapy; academic, behavioural and vocational coaching), please refer to our Counselling FAQs or contact Jeannie Fong at (or 416-920-4999 Ext. 0). Jeannie will direct your inquiry to the Redpath Clinician responding to General Inquiries. 

For questions about the Centre's Psychological Assessments (including diagnostic and psycho-educational assessments), please refer to our Psychological Assessment FAQs and contact the appropriate Psychologist in either our Toronto or London offices directly.



Diversity in Ontario’s Youth and Adults with Autism Spectrum Disorders: Complex Needs in Unprepared Systems

This report highlights that the profiles and needs of this sample are both diverse and complex. Current systems of care are largely inadequate, although some positive experiences and supports exist in the province which can be expanded and emulated. To address these multiple unmet needs, research and data collection must be ongoing, significant changes must occur across multiple systems and provincial ministries, and regular feedback must be elicited from a wide range of consumers and stakeholders.

Download Full Report (LARGE File)

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Research Funding

The Redpath Centre is grateful to the following organizations and Ontario Ministry of Community and Social Services for their generous financial support of our research.









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