Services at The Redpath Centre

Academic/employment and life skills coaching: This specialized service addresses life skills issues common to individuals with AS and related neurodevelopmental disorders, specific to the academic and employment contexts. The focus of this service is on functional life skills and strategies.

Brief consultation: Consultation is offered when individuals require a brief clinical involvement, generally one to two sessions, and there is a specific, well-defined clinical question such as whether or not to pursue a service or assessment.

Child, adolescent and adult therapy: We provide lifespan individual counselling support for those diagnosed with AS and related mental health or neurodevelopmental conditions. Possible foci include addressing mental health issues, organizational and attentional problems, social, relationship, behavioural and sexual functioning, legal problems, and achieving greater personal independence.

Couple therapy: Couple therapy is available for same-sex or opposite-sex partners who want to strengthen their relationship and explore the effect of AS and related symptoms on their couple functioning.

Family and parenting therapy: Intervention is provided to the family, or parents alone, to explore problems and solutions related to family functioning and parenting and their unique stressors.

Group therapy and support groups: We are committed to developing and offering groups for a variety of issues related to AS. Examples currently include a 12 week CBT group for adults with AS, anxiety and depression, a group for boys with AS with externalizing behaviours, and a group for women with AS.

Occupational therapy assessment and consultation: This service assists individuals and their families to understand the sensory profile of individuals with ASDs and strategies to cope with sensory dysfunction in a range of environments.

Psychological assessment and consultation: Our psychologists assess and diagnose children, youth and adults with ASDs, LDs, ADHD and mental health conditions, including neuropsychological issues.

Psychiatric assessment and consultation: Our psychiatrist assesses and diagnoses youth and adults who have ASDs, and mental health conditions and recommends pharmacological interventions if appropriate. This is only available to clients who receive services at The Redpath Centre.

Program development and evaluation: We introduce new evidence-informed programs through research reviews, applications for funding, program evaluation, and cross-sector collaboration.

Professional/organization consultation: We offer consultation to a range of organizations and professionals interested in accessing our expertise in Asperger Syndrome and program development such as children's mental health centres, advocacy organizations, and school boards.

Speech and language assessment and consultation: We assess and treat language, articulation and pragmatic communication skills common to children, youth and adults with ASDs and other neuro-developmental and communication conditions.