Our Clinicians

At The Redpath Centre we understand that the needs of people affected by Asperger Syndrome are diverse and that they experience a range of developmental, learning, emotional, social and relationship needs. Our Clinical Associates have extensive experience in Asperger syndrome and with various types of support including individual, couple, family, and group therapy. We have, and continue to work, in various service sectors.

We encourage our Associates to carry out multiple roles in their work lives so that cutting-edge knowledge transfer, best practices, innovative research, and transformative community involvement stimulate clinical skills and interests. We are involved in a variety of consulting, research, writing, committee, and teaching opportunities and have expertise in a range of diagnostic areas including child and adult mental health, learning issues, autism spectrum disorders, attentional, behavioural, and developmental problems. A supportive professional environment offers opportunities for professional growth and collaboration.

We are Growing!

The Redpath Centre is looking for new full or part-time Associates to join us with backgrounds in medicine or psychiatry. Applicants must have at least five years experience in Asperger Syndrome and/or a related field. Individuals with full-time or part-time existing practices are encouraged to apply; our Centre is also the ideal setting in which to start a private practice.

If you are interested in exploring the opportunity to work with our team, please email Dr. Kevin Stoddart. Part-time office vacancies exist in our Toronto office with the possibility of other vacancies in London Ontario in the near future.